National physician assistant education

What is National physician assistant education?

Npae is an organization created in order to pursue and realize advances in physician assistant education. The span of npae ranges from high school students interested in medical Sciences the whole way up to physician assistants who have recently retired and as literally as molecular biology researches the whole way to patients themselves.

The beginnings of NPAE

National physician assistant education was created by physician assistants who were experiencing bumps along the road during education and realize that there was a way out. It’s sort of a problem that so many peers experienced many of the same issues along their education but none of these seem to be addressed by the current organizations that support physician assistant. Looking back over the history of the creation of physician assistant associations and institutions they in general almost exclusively benefit physician assistant programs themselves. An institution was needed that would focus on the role of the student and the role that that student will eventually play in clinical practice. It is our mission 2 draw a more clear picture up on what is expected of a physician assistant in medical practice. We have shared many articles over the years depicting how patients are perceiving the role of the physician assistant. Although great strides have been made in giving credit to as well as privileges to physician assistants practice medicine in a clinical setting. Although it is clear to us as physician assistant what is expected of us on a daily basis it is fairly clear that neither patience nor pre physician assistant no work physician assistant students have a totally encapsulated conceptual understanding of what will actually be expected of a physician assistant once there in practice.

Where does NPAE come in? 

Today npae has attempted to fill gaps in physician assistant education. For example as a high-school student who is interested in the physician assistant career maybe you want to gain an understanding of what a PA does on a regular basis where should you go? The best resource before the creation of npae was likely Wikipedia or maybe a friend or some random spots on the internet that carried sparse data about the physician assistant career. We have proposed and successfully implemented a portal in which a student in this situation can go two more clearly understand what a PA does on a daily basis. To that same degree physician assistant student who has yet to practice in the clinic really has only a minuscule understanding of what it’s like to practice in the clinic as a physician assistant. Physician assistant forms were a great resource 4 people in this area who had the jitters and interested in understanding a little bit more about what to expect for entering their first rotation or job. Npae would like to extend best rides at the physician assistant forms have been able to create and bring us together by allowing PAs to submit articles depicting,  for example,  a day in the life of the physician assistant. What’s it like to be a PA? Do physician assistants get look down upon? One thing is really important to realize is that although the physician assistant National certification exam has intent on judging a students abilities to diagnose diseases and practice clinical medicine, there are still top many gaps that are unable to be tested outside the clinical environment.  The true test of a person’s ability to be a physician assistant is… Duh…  Their first/current job. How can we bring the experience of what it’s like to be a PA on a daily basis, or the feelings you got in your first month or two of your first job as a physician assistant directly to a student in high school who may be interested in such a career?

PA blogs across the internet

There have been many blogs around the internet which of spring up from PA who are in different parts of their lives and careers. Unfortunately these blogs tend to last a year or two get fairly popular in the meantime and then slowly die off or in many cases quickly die off. Clearly somebody out there is finding these blogs very useful. This is evidenced by looking at the history and the amount of traffic that came and went from such sites. Physician assistant running blogs such as these tend to get overloaded in a short period of time while trying to juggle their lives as students their roles as physician assistants and their ongoing daily activities at home. And I truly say that from the heart because as part of my position at npae actively contact as many physician assistant blogs as I can get ahold of and try to either share their content or ask if there’s any way that I can help there blog continue to spread. In many ways the physician assistant blogs that are out there on the internet right now sort accomplished at least in smaller portions and in more niche areas of the PA Career exactly what npae is attempting to accomplish over the entire career. Therefore maintain an active relationship with these blogs is in both our interest the blogs primary authors interest and especially is in the interest of the students who are than consuming the end result slash content.

Professional PA Organizations

Whereas organizations such as the PAEA nccpa excetera have found ways to monetize the PA Market by assisting the applications admissions testing and credentialing processes throughout PA careers we found that there was an ongoing majority consensus who felt that the end result of many of the processes implemented by such organizations only help physician assistants as a byproduct rather than a primary concern. Obviously all businesses and organizations have to worry about monetization however it was clear that none of these institutions we’re putting students first. It is our mission to do so. We promise to listen to physician assistants 2 monitor forums and read blog posts across the internet on a continual basis in order to fully understand what gaps we can fill in the physician assistant career.

What are some of NPAE’s current accomplishments? 

To date we have provided thousands of pages of free resources and have provided articles and content that there’s been a clear need for. Will continue to listen to physician assistants to pre physician assistant and anyone else interested in the field and will continue to respond to those people’s needs.

At NPAE we’re dedicated to making the physician assistant career better as a whole on a macro scale but will forever continue two at the same time focus on making individual physician assistants life better on a micro scale.